Music Activism

Musical Activism? Okay, exactly what is that? And why does Tao Mokoda engage in it?

The answer is simple: The music 'industry' stinks as a vehicle for promoting the ART of music! That needs to stop! From taking the lion's share of artists' money for their creative works to the stupidity of the 'loudness war' to MP3 compression, this business of music is giving you, the public a pathetically thin slice of the vast pie of music that is available in the world, then charging you an arm, a leg and two teeth for it!

So, what is Tao Mokoda doing about it? One, we record, produce and release our music completely independently. This is a problem for us because we dont' have the huge marketing and distribution machine record companies have. But we're committed!

Two, we use audio compression for its intended purpose, to enhance recorded music by preventing unwanted distortion and volume irregularities. We don't use compression just to make our music as loud as we can, or as loud as other artists' music.

Three, we distribute our music as high-quality WAV or AIFF files and try to abstain from lossy MP3. However, we realize many people like MP3, so when we are asked, we provide that format, but only at the highest possible quality levels.

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Welcome To De Blog!

Welcome to the initial post of the official Tao Mokoda blog! Here is where you will find the only authoritative, official statements, positions, opinions and announcements of Tao Mokoda. That's not to say you won't find such official stuff elsewhere, but where there is a conflict, this is where you should look.

Check back often, as we will be blogging about our progress on the next album project and other important news about how we're doing and how we're growing.

Right now, we're busy getting our latest release, "Ride" out  there so that anyone who wants to can grab it, listen to it, enjoy it and hopefully tell many, many, many other people about it! We appreciate any and all sincere feedback and look forward to make YOU one of our fans!