Music Activism

Musical Activism? Okay, exactly what is that? And why does Tao Mokoda engage in it?

The answer is simple: The music 'industry' stinks as a vehicle for promoting the ART of music! That needs to stop! From taking the lion's share of artists' money for their creative works to the stupidity of the 'loudness war' to MP3 compression, this business of music is giving you, the public a pathetically thin slice of the vast pie of music that is available in the world, then charging you an arm, a leg and two teeth for it!

So, what is Tao Mokoda doing about it? One, we record, produce and release our music completely independently. This is a problem for us because we dont' have the huge marketing and distribution machine record companies have. But we're committed!

Two, we use audio compression for its intended purpose, to enhance recorded music by preventing unwanted distortion and volume irregularities. We don't use compression just to make our music as loud as we can, or as loud as other artists' music.

Three, we distribute our music as high-quality WAV or AIFF files and try to abstain from lossy MP3. However, we realize many people like MP3, so when we are asked, we provide that format, but only at the highest possible quality levels.

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'Ride' Lyrics

Ride (L. E. Handley)

Verse 1
You're ignoring all of the things you desire;
People around you holding your feet to the fire
Looking like your brittle heart is breaking;
You need a remedy that is sure to inspire

If you feel like your whole life is sinking; You know that's just a flaw in your thinking
You're gonna waste away if you don't get outside yourself, so point it west and just

Ride! And never looking back just ride
Ride! And feel the wind in your face, ride

Verse 2
You need a change of scene here's what you ought to do;
You need to find some time and some space just for you
The open road is out there for the taking
Strap on your boots and move to a new point of view

If you would ask yourself what you're missing; You're wasting half your life reminiscing
You gotta take a new direction leave it all behind just point it east and just

Ride! You need to know the feeling, ride
Ride! And don't you even look back, ride

Verse 3
This is a feeling no one can tell you; Just let the engine thrust propel you
You let yourself get jammed up and pinned in; Break out and find a new beginning
You owe it to yourself just to do it; You got to put your heart into it
Take control of your life and hold on tight, you'll feel so free, you'll feel so free when you

Ride! For sure you won't regret it, ride
Ride! You never will forget it, ride
Ride! Until you see the sunset, ride
Ride! On a Harley or a Corvette, ride

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Old Man (L. E. Handley)

Verse 1
Living on a dream, looking for a reason to be wishing
Body's gettin' old, looking back at things I had been missing
Trying to hang on, to the things that fell off by the wayside
Is it too late, to show there's something worthy on the inside

Now I understand, why that old man was so bitter
Had to face the truth, that from in his youth he was a quitter

Verse 2
When I was a child, was a man who I'll call 'Mr. Angry'
Heart was icy cold, he was very old and very cranky
Never really knew, the nature of the stew he seemed to be in
If he said a word, it was just to hurt somebody's feelings

Now I understand, why that old man was so bitter
Had to face the truth, that from in his youth he was a quitter

Verse 3
I once had a dream, wonder how it is it somehow faded
Did not heed the time, so I got left behind and never made it
I was young and strong, but that seems so long ago envisioned
Now my head is gray, and I'm just in the way of my ambition

Now I understand, why that old man was so bitter
Had to face the truth, that from in his youth he was a quitter

Verse 4
I destroyed a dream, I tore it all to pieces with my own hands
I wish I could have leard, learned how not to turn into that old man

Now I understand why that old man was so bitter
I have to face the truth, that from in my youth I was a quitter
Now I understand; now I understand
Now I understand; is it too late?

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